Art Auction

7-10pm, 12 September 2014 Old Shire Hall, Durham DH1 3HP.

Hosted by Vane and Breeze Creatives. Bid on contemporary artwork from a selection of internationally based and recognised artists. Artists include: Gemma Anderson, Johnny Bugler, Adam Burns, Alfons Bytautas, EC Davies, Michael Davies, Kerstin Drechsel, Elizabeth Eamer, Jorn Ebner, Nick Fox, Adam Hogarth, John Kippin, Simon Le Ruez, Keith McIntyre, Jock Mooney, Michael Mulvihill, Stephen Palmer, Morten Schelde, Matthew Smith, Tracey Tofield, Alison Unsworth, James Unsworth, Flora Whiteley.

Guest auctioneer: Ray Spencer MBE, Executive Director, The Customs House, South Shields

All proceeds go towards funding The Experimental Studio.