Some articles written about me:

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Artist Story: Stephen Palmer, I spoke to Vane about my long standing working relationship with the Newcastle/Gateshead-based artist-led organisation, as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.

Stephen Palmer: Negation as creation, I spoke to Daniel Brady of the Jackson’s Art Blog about my work, studio routine and some of the other artists I’ve been looking at (August 2019).

Modern life is rubbish, Rebecca Travis, 2013.

Robert Clark’s Preview, The Dead and Alive Songs, The Guardian, The Guide, Saturday 6 December 2008.[PDF]

Stephen Palmer – Dead and Alive Songs by Anna Richardson, Narc Magazine, December 2008. [PDF]

Recycling with a difference by Roy Exley. Text to accompany the exhibition Worthlesss little tokens at Vane, Newcatle upon Tyne, 2007.

Stephen Palmer by Robert Blackson, first published in Workplace, Art Editions North, 2005. [PDF]

Whose culture is it anyway, catalogue text to accompany the exhibition Tuesday is cerise at Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne by Helen Baker, 2003. [PDF]


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