Business Collectors Network Exhibition

Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne, 6-17 July 2010.

Group show celebrating the end of the second year of the Business Collectors Network.

The exhibition celebrates the end of the second year of the Business Collectors Network which was set up to encourage businesses to engage with contemporary art and artists, and consider the benefits of having work in the working environment and the vibrant dialogue that contemporary art can bring to the workplace. Secondly it supports contemporary artists living and working in the North East by purchasing their work. The members of the network display the works in their offices during the year with the collection coming together annually for public exhibition.

The artists that have been purchased to date are considered emerging, although many have received considerable critical acclaim nationally and internationally, demonstrating the vibrant contemporary art being produced by artists in the region today. Artists include: Laura Lancaster, Jock Mooney, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Mike Pratt, Michael Mulvihill, Simon Parish, Eric Bainbridge, Jennifer Douglas, Paul Merrick, Jorn Ebner, Anne Vibeke Mou, Darren Banks, Jo Coupe, Stephen Palmer, Alex Charrington and Ben Jeans Houghton.