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Vane in Berlin: Second Glances

23 July – 3 September 2016. Michaela Helfrich Gallery, Herrfurthstrasse 29, 12049 Berlin, Germany.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 2-8pm

Michael Davies, Nick Fox, Stephen Palmer, Narbi Price, Flora Whiteley

The five artists in ‘Second Glances’ each approach the figurative in art with a unique vision. What they share is a fascination with popular culture; with taking the plethora of imagery and narratives produced by the mass media – often starting with source material that is either printed or photographic – and through the processes of painting and drawing discovering a way of exploring deeply personal concerns, thus creating a sense of purpose and identity from the everyday and things that are often considered ephemeral or are easily ignored. Often it takes a second reading – or glance – to more fully begin to understand the artists’ intentions.